Do you feel depressed, suicidal, or like giving up?

Have your eating habits changed? Have you lost or gained much weight recently. Are you having trouble falling or staying asleep. Are you unmotivated to do the things you used to enjoy. Do you feel hopeless, helpless or worthless. Do you have trouble getting out of bed, but a hard time sleeping? These things are signs of depression.

Imagine finding a solution to your depression and feeling hope again! What could you accomplish if you were in a better place? There are treatment tools available that really do work to help resolve depression, and we would love to meet with you and help you find a new way of living that is wonderful. Bad things do happen to good people and makes life difficult. A sense of overwhelm can be traumatic and may complicate to depression. Perhaps you have even felt suicidal. You are not alone though, and we can help you find answers.

Call us today and overcome depression: Dr. Asif Khan: (630) 774-8316 or Dr. Yasmeen Khan: (630) 674-1138.

Evidenced-Based Approaches

Both Asif Khan and Yasmeen Khan are trained in evidenced based approaches to treating depression. The results of these approaches are really hopeful for treating depression. In a 6 year study of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for prevention of recurrent depression, there was a 40% lower relapse rate than simply clinical management of depression (Fave, et. al. 2004) and many professional studies of Mindfulness Based Psychotherapies show us that there is hope, no matter how bad depression feels at the moment (Hays 2001). Let us help you find a solution.

Talk to us about your depression

Is depression ruling your life? Do problems seem insurmountable? Depression has many causes, but there are also many solutions. We can see new patients quickly, sometimes even on the same day. We know you need someone to talk to and we are here. If you are in immediate crisis and at risk of harming yourself or others, you may call our office. You can also visit the nearest hospital emergency room for immediate stabilization or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: (800) 273-8255. Please make that call before taking harmful action.