Think Your Way To Happiness

It might sound amazing, but the simple technique of learning how to change our thoughts can change our feelings and actions. The way we think, feel and act is often a product of habit – essentially we are trained in a certain way of life. The good news is that with practice and a therapist to help you break old patterns, new patterns for living life are easily obtained. It might sound impossible, but we can teach you how to make these changes – and the psychological research backs up the effectiveness for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Take Control Now

What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)?

In every situation, we have certain thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions; This determines how we feel in a given situation, which in turn determines how we will behave in the situation.

Cognitive therapists assess thoughts, feelings, behaviors, physiology, and environment in understanding problems. These five areas are interconnected; each one influencing the other. A cognitive therapist intervenes in all of the five areas to help a client with emphasis on identifying and evaluating thoughts and on behavior change.

Self empowering therapy will help you identify, evaluate, and eventually modify the thought patterns that lead to unhealthy feelings and behaviors. Interventions at the behavioral level will help you develop action plans to change your behaviors that have caused and maintained negative symptoms.

When clients are able to identify, evaluate, and consequently change dysfunctional thinking patterns, changes in mood and behavior occur. These changes help clients change their environment, for example, seeking social support, and may accompany physiological changes as well, like feeling more energetic.