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Self-Empowerment for Women Through Counseling

Women have unique experiences and perspectives.

Dr. Yasmeen Khan can help you develop confidence, resolve trauma and crisis, break codependency, and create a sense of self-empowerment. As a women, do you need a female mentor to guide you into new and healthy relationships, and to break the cycle of poor relationships?  Are you looking for ways to be independent and to be self-confident on your own two feet?  Dr. Khan can help you be the women that you know you can be!

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Surviving Mental, Sexual, and Physical Abuse

As a woman, you have the right to dignity, autonomy, and security. Unfortunately, many disgruntled and chauvinistic men resort to abusing women to assert their dominance. Moreover, abuse is not limited to sexual or physical abuse. Verbal insults, and constant yelling and badgering are also considered abuse under the law. We have helped women overcome their problems by providing one-on-one, compassionate, and nonjudgmental counseling, safety planning, seminars, support groups, workshops, and service referrals. Below, are just some of the issues we have dealt with that pertain to women’s counseling:

  • Assertiveness and Self-Esteem: If you are suffering from lack of assertiveness in your life and need help taking command and being proactive we can help you become a motivational dynamo. Furthermore, we have helped women enhance their self-esteem and self-worth in an empowering, yet pragmatic manner.
  • Co-dependent Relationships: A co-dependent relationship is a relationship that involves obsessive, or narcissistic attachment that hinders one’s well-being and conventional way of life. We can help you regain your self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence or help you end a co-dependent relationship with a maladaptive and malevolent lover in a safe and calm manner.
  • Sexual Abuse Treatment: If you have been a victim of sexual abuse and need help dealing with your feelings of betrayal and violation and moving on, we can help you heal your trauma.