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 Bariatric Hypnotherapy in Chicago and Oak Brook

Do you want a non-surgical alternative to real weight loss?

If you have considered radical surgery, we have an alternative that can not only be less expensive, but also eliminates surgical risks. Does weight loss hypnotherapy work?  The answer is YES! There have been many studies that show changing the mind, changes the body and that that weight loss can be lasting. In one study those using hypnosis lost an average of 17 pounds and a control group only lost half a pound (Cochrane & Friesen 1986).  In another study of 8 month and 2 year follow, ups, the hypnosis subjects continued to lose weight, but a behavioral modification conly control group showed little further weight loss (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 1985).

Do you want to lose real weight? We want to help.


Medical Weight Loss

We help people find non-surgical alternatives to lasting weight loss. We also work with people post-surgery, who have found that maintaining weight loss after surgery is not as easy as many were led to believe. We can help. By creating a program that focuses on subconscious change as a lasting solution, you can lose weight.

We can work with you to change behavior, send automatic eating, to increase exercise within your limitations, and to feel hope at every level. Are you ready for a real change in your life? Are you tired of diets and want a lifestyle change that really works?  Call us and find success today: Dr. Asif Khan: (630) 774-8316 or Dr. Yasmeen Khan: (630) 674-1138.

Comprehensive Weight Loss Approaches

We work with local physicians and can integrate weight loss medication into your treatment; we have many options available. Weight loss hypnosis is a lasting solution, but the wonderful thing about Chicago and Oak Brook weight loss hypnosis is that we can create a program unique to your needs, and your health. We work with people who are severely obese, and we work with people who are trying to lose moderate amounts of weight to preserve health and fitness. Call us today and start your weight loss now.

*Individual results may vary. The images on this page are for representative purposes. Your actual weight loss will vary. Do not expect the same results as others.

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