Hypnosis works! Yes, Hollywood has portrayed hypnosis in either scary or humorous ways to sell movies – but in real life hypnosis is a practical skill you can learn, and the research shows it is an effective tool for making many changes. Studies have shown people who use hypnosis to quit smoking can reach success rates as high as 90% (Barber, 2001) and people who use hypnosis for weight loss often find greater weight loss results (Kirsh, 1996).

Hypnosis is also used to overcome fears and phobias, and to help calm anxiety, PTSD and ADHD. Hypnosis is not mystical or magical, it is a set of skills that you can learn, and both Dr. Asif Khan and Dr. Yasmeen Khan are experts in clinical hypnosis and members of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Why Dr. Khan for Hypnosis?

It is important that your hypnotherapist is a qualified and licensed mental health professional. There are many “hypnotists” with dubious certifications, and medical professionals recommend that only licensed and degreed professionals should use hypnosis as a therapeutic treatment.
Our approach to hypnosis is a positive approach, one that teaches the skills of physical relaxation and uses your inner strengths to help you accomplish what is really most important to you.
This means that our approach is not limited to hypnosis, and that we can integrate supportive counseling, coaching solutions and other approaches to problem solving that can really take you to the next level of satisfaction. Call us today and schedule a free 30 minute consultation to find out if Chicago and Oak Brook hypnotherapy can be a solution for you.
Chicago and Oak Brook hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Would you like to finally put the cigarettes down forever? It would be great to save that money, restore health and feel better in every way. Find out more.

Chicago and Oak Brook hypnotherapy

Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight control can change your subconscious association with food, increase motivation for activity and help you to finally step into health. Find out more.

Chicago and Oak Brook hypnotherapy

Traumatic Stress

Hypnosis can help you sleep again. It can help you overcome anxiety, and break associations that trigger pain. We want to be your partner in that success.

Chicago and Oak Brook hypnotherapy

Calming Fears

Hypnosis calms the mind and calms the body. It is a tool to overcome fear of flying, specific phobias, and managing stress in every situation at every level.

Chicago and Oak Brook hypnotherapy

Obsessive Thought

Obsessive sexual thought, obsessive anxiety, obsessive anger, and any obsessive thought is rooted in the unconscious mind. Hypnosis can free you from O.C.D.

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Hypnosis Works! Discover the possibilities in your life.

The best part? What you learn in hypnotherapy to address one issue, is a skill you can easily use with many issues in life. You will feel physical calm, emotional balance and find new ways of mastering your own thoughts and feelings. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Call now.
Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation