End Panic, Crisis, and Anxiety

Does your heart race, do you stop with fear, do you feel this will never end, does your body tense up, do you worry constantly, do you feel you have lost control?

Anxiety is the fear or worry that something bad will happen. It is the “What if?” thinking and it really interferes with optimal life functioning. It can impact your relationships, work and leisure. The good news is that we have hope for you, and know effective ways to help you manage anxiety, end panic and move forward with confidence. Imagine what life would be like if you feel balanced and secure, in the areas of life where you have had so much trouble.

Call us and stop anxiety now:Dr. Asif Khan: (630) 774-8316 or Dr. Yasmeen Khan: (630) 674-1138.

Mindfulness Based Approaches

Both Asif and Yasmeen Khan are trained in Mindfulness Based Stress management and the results are amazing for those who learn these empowering strategies for controlling anxiety and panic. The research is in, and you can learn effective strategies for controlling anxiety and panic.

Conquering Phobias and Fears

Is there something keeping you from enjoying life? a fear or a phobia of things or places? We have worked with clients to help them overcome fears of flying, which has meant increased business opportunities and the ability to travel and enjoy life. We have helped people with fears of bridges, spiders, swimming and even of driving or public speaking. We can help you overcome anything – and enjoy life again.